Dear Jane,

I officially took over Dr Fulthorpe’s practice on April 1st. This would not have been possible without your excellent support and guidance. Please forward my strongest commendations for your super work and professionalism.
Dr. Myron Haluk, MD

Hi Dr. Kinzie and Dr. Price,

I wanted to provide some feedback on Jane Walker as a resource for residents starting into practice in the Hamilton area. As a graduating R2, I have been working with Jane for several months to search out job opportunities.

Jane has been an invaluable resource to me. She has helped me to navigate how to define a reasonable vs. unreasonable practice opportunity, and has proved time and again that she has an in depth knowledge of the Hamilton medical community. As a result, I have come to trust her implicitly. I cannot tell you how reassuring it is in this process to feel like I have someone looking out for my best interests the way Jane has.

Having found a practice I am interested in, I have again turned to Jane for help in practice start up and contract review. She has been a huge asset as I try to navigate what exactly all of the complicated language around practice takeover means.

Jane has several times gone out her way to answer my questions and meet with me. I truly do not know what I would have done in this process without her. I am incredibly grateful that we have her as a resource and I hope the Department of Family Medicine knows how valuable she is.

Best,Dr. Jessica Johnson - MD, MPH, BHSc

Just to let you know, I’ve been doing complex care at St. Joe’s for a couple of months now and I am loving it! It has been such a great opportunity that I would have completely missed if you hadn’t told me about it, so I just wanted to thank you again for that. Dr. Jacqueline Moreno MD, CCFP
Jane Walker was a tremendous help in assisting me with my plans for an early retirement from my Hamilton-based family practice. She gave me advice about how to make the process as smooth as possible, and she also gave me some great suggestions about locum opportunities in Hamilton as well as in rural parts of Ontario. I’m looking forward to an exciting new phase of my career! Dr. Karen Trollope MD, CCFP

I recently decided to leave family practice after 18 years to pursue sports medicine full time. I was offered and conditionally accepted a job in March at McMaster, the condition being that I could find a physician that I felt comfortable leaving my practice with to replace me. I would not have been able to do this without Jane’s help.

The Hamilton Family Health Team directed me to Jane immediately when I told them of my intentions, and Jane couldn’t have been more helpful. At first she sat with us to determine the nature of our practice and the kind of person we were looking for. Within days she had connected us to two excellent candidates. She was very helpful in the negotiations with both parties and deftly nudged the process along until we had reached an agreement with a physician we were comfortable with and confident in. He was equally happy with the process. Without Jane’s help and encouragement, I don’t know that this career change could have happened for me. For this I am very grateful to her.

I strongly encourage continued funding of her program. It is a vital service in the Hamilton health care community.Dr. David C. G. Robinson MD, CCFP

Jane – you have been instrumental in supporting our Clinic and in being a professional resource to me as a Hamilton physician. James Street Medical has become a significant part of our local health care community and you deserve credit for helping us so much along the way. Dr. Tavis Basford MD, CCFP
A delicious testimonial from one of our physicians!
I owe Jane a lot. She has been there for me even before I graduated. She got introduced to us through one of our residency lectures, and I found her a very easy person to talk to. I felt the genuine desire from her to help, and it seemed she really enjoyed what she did.

She helped me find a great practice to work in, ensuring that all the key pieces fit. I think I will call her a “doctor matchmaker”.

She was there with me all the way – from step 1, to finding a banker, to finding a house — even a furnace guy!!! I am glad that I met Jane. Never did I feel alone in a very confusing maze of starting a practice.

This is such a great program that the City of Hamilton has for doctors. It is made even better by people like Jane.
Dr. Al Alipio MD, CCFP

I connected with Jane while I was still in residency and first started looking for my future practice. I cannot say enough good things about Jane. She helped me every step of the way. In the beginning she took the time to educate me about the various types of practices, and compensation models that I should be aware of and she made sure she understood what I was looking for in a practice. Once I was ready to start seeing some potential practices, she came with me to every meeting to make sure I asked all the right questions, and asked the tough questions that I felt awkward asking myself. Once I chose the practice that was right for me, she still stuck around while I transitioned into the practice. The first few years of practice have not been not without its bumps, and she responds to every email I send her, even on weekends and vacations. to help me out of my mini-crisis’. I truly thank Jane for all the hardwork and patience she has given me and would recommend her to any physician who is interested in working in Hamilton. Dr. Tanya Grieci Family Physician, Hamilton
Jane Walker of Hamilton Physicians has been such an invaluable resource to our practice! She was able to quickly find locums for our practice during the doctor’s sudden illness and now has been instrumental in helping us with process of retirement and the transfer of the practice to a new physician. Everything would not go as smoothly without Jane behind the scenes. Her knowledge and experience in this field is of utmost importance to the medical community. She really cares about covering all aspects of practice retirement and allowing the process to proceed quickly and easily. Adrienne Ziemer Office Manager for Dr. Peter Loveless